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It's all about coming closer

The Super Effect



At Innovation Cleaning, we have intricate standards we must follow to be successful.

We fully train and screen all cleaners. Safety is a very important aspect of our


 We also train them by video interpretation. All equipment is fully inspected and our

company is fully licensed and bonded. We care about Safety.



Honesty and integrity is what sincerely we’re all about. Understanding the needs of the

customer is vital. Furthermore, we always remain open-minded to ideas and always

perform a thorough analysis to resolve problems. We can always devise are own work


for the customer. Our pledge is to always handle problems and requests right up to

the minute.

Our quality control consists of, but not limited to monthly meetings with chief


completing surveys with customers. We always strive to achieve the highest results.

Been Honesty is been transparent for what we believe in.

P-Property Management

Our staff is highly capable and versatile to handle large buildings and property


We have detailed experience performing janitorial service for these type of

buildings for many

years. We find it easier to manage our workers regarding property management then small

buildings. Innovation Cleaning can fully manage and track all your cleaning materials.

Our roster of clients includes both small and large complex buildings.

We understand the business and care about a tenant attention and procedures when comes to Property Management.


We have proven to more cost effective than our competitors. In alot of instances, we

can offer

many more services at a lower price. Innovation Cleaning can also match pricing as


We take care of the all the little things that often get overlooked. Being

economical is a major

part of our business scope.



We take great pride that our retention rate is very high, as we keep all of our

customers intact.

Handling requests and problems immediately is a vital part of our foundation.

Our customers change only through structural In-house or downsize.

If you  want to learn more about us we can be found: