Office Cleaning with Motivated employees. Boston MA 02101

Recently we where At a job site and a customer approached me and asked me what was the secret that we use to keep our employees motivated with pride in their work.

I said well, I guess the secret is that we explain to our employees how important is what we do, I usually say to our employees  if we shampoo their carpets, if we provide any hard floor care or a porter and matron Services our business is to clean their offices or if we provide a restroom sanitation we have to do it correctly because it will represent whom we really are when we provide these services since it will show that here at we have integrity in what we do.... So, if we shampoo a carpet, we should do it right, if we are representing our company in a office building and we are a day porter or a matron dedicated to that office building we should do it right so the public knows that we are professional in what we do.

Idezio Magalhaes