Office buildings Andover, MA 01810 , Restroom sanitation


Restroom Sanitation is one of the most critical issue in the cleaning Industry. If a cleaning company don't focus on correct frequency, correct cleaning agent and correct cleaning procedure it does not work for the customer. We have worked very hard to instruct our employees on how to clean and to maitain the complete sanitation of the restrooms that we provide the service for at When we are asked to provide a quote for sanitize and maitain restrooms for our clients, we evaluate the following; How frequent does the restroom gets used, how supplied the restroom is equiped on paper products level as far as; if the client are using the proper paper towel or toilet paper dispensers, how many employees use the restroom on a daily bases, Does the restrooms needs to be serviced during the day etc... If we feel that the restroom needs to be serviced during the day we often offer a day porter or matron services. Day porter or matron service can give a good impression if it is used properly, specially in office buildings where a lot of employees use the restrooms on a regular bases. at we take the necessary steps to sanitize the restroom properly and to keep a restroom disinfect and sanitized on a proper level of cleanless.